Liebster Award

Hi everyone! Last month I was nominated for two blogger awards, The Mystery Blogger Award and The Liebster Award. With work and everything else I was too busy to participate so couldn’t put this up back then and I kept pushing it forward, but not anymore. Thank you Amy Ross for nominating me, you can check out … More Liebster Award


She tossed and turned in her bed. Moving from side to side in a sad attempt to fall asleep. It must be past midnight she thought to herself out loud. Through her bedroom curtain she could make out the faint image of the moon. The brilliant, beautiful orb shone down in full glory that night. … More Serenity


She moved silently and as quietly as she could as she ran down the streets towards the railway station. Why was she late? She could have sworn that she woke up on time. The streets were isolated. There was no living thing in site except for the lone street dog scavenging for its next meal. … More Dawn