The Desert Triangle: Jodhpur

Next stop on our tour of Rajasthan was the wonderful city of Jodhpur. We were instructed to pack our bags the previous night in order to not be late the next morning. After an early breakfast and a quick checkout we left for Jodhpur. The toal distance between Jaipur and Jodhpur by road is around 338km and it took us approximately 6-8 hours to reach the city.

The road to Jodhpur is one of the prettiest routes I have ever taken. For as far as the eye could see on both sides of the highway were farms and mustard fields. The yellow flowers against the green background was a very relaxing sight and made the long trip even more pleasant.

We reached Jodhpur around two thirty in the afternoon. The hotel we stayed at was Mapple Abhey. After checking in we had lunch and went to our rooms to relax for the rest of the day. We were given the option to stay in the hotel for the evening or go out on our own. So in the evening around ten of us decided to venture out into an unknown city with google maps as our guide.

After walking for around an hour we discovered an eatery called “Janta Sweets” where we feasted on Indian street food and sweets. When visiting Jodhpur you really should pay this eatery a visit for authentic rajasthani street food. Only beware, some of the food can be really spicy so make sure you enquire on the spice level before placing an order. I would suggest trying out their kachoris which they are famous for and also freshly made jalebis to satisfy your sweet tooth. I remember ordering sev puri for myself but it turned out too spicy for my taste and I landed up exchanging it with a friend.  After filling up on as much street food as we could we went on a shopping spree. The eatery so happens to be along Nai Sarak, which is the main shopping area in Jodhpur.  We quickly crossed the road and separated into smaller groups and began shopping. There are many handicraft stores from where you can buy various artefacts. I bought a hand made journal which was wrapped in a very traditional cloth binding and a few mantle ornaments carved out of wood. Jodhpur is also good for buying clothes for yourself and traditionally printed bed linen. It was around nine in the night when we decided to head back to the hotel for dinner.

1531682_10151880600140967_1059220139_nThe next morning we had an early breakfast and set out for sightseeing. We visited Mehrangarh Fort which is one of the largest forts in India. Built in 1460, this massive structure is located 210m above the city. The fort is made up of a series of rooms and courtyards and  is build over various levels so make sure you wear proper walking shoes when visiting it as a lot of walking is involved.  Within the fort is a museum which houses a large collection of royal artefacts. Once you reach the top of the fort you are treated to the magnificent view of Jodhpur city.

(Map credits – Google maps)

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