I recently found out that the CW network had re-invented the Archie comic books into a TV show. Being a fan of the comics I gave it a look and trust me, I haven’t looked away since. I absolutely love the way they made the comic into a tv show. It gives us a brand new look into the town, in ways we haven’t seen it before. Also, it introduces the next generation to the world of Archie and the gang and I hope it would encourage them to start reading the comic books.

Now coming to what this blog post is really about. Here are just a few questions that I had when watching Riverdale.

1) Miss. Grundy.

The first point on my list starts right from the very first episode. WHAT THE HECK??? Thank you CW for ruining a perfect teacher from the comics. It really didn’t need to go in the direction it went and I felt it was completely unnecessary for the plot. Also, the storyline regarding her just dropped midway. It didn’t lead anywhere except to add to the drama of the show. And considering the basic plot i.e the murder of Jason Blossom, it was not needed and was pretty bad side story.


2) The Blossoms.

I know the Blossom family didn’t really get that much exposure in the comic books so getting to know them in the series was refreshing for a change. What troubles me about this family is the attitude. I get it, they are rich. I get it, they serve the town well with their finances and what not. What I don’t get is the attitude Cheryl Blossom can get away with. The way she treats her other classmates/school mates. She was mean and spiteful to people for no reason at all. And a total drama queen. What about Cliff and Penelope Blossom? What sort of parents were they? Yes they may have had a problem with Jason but that doesn’t mean they had to push away their daughter Cheryl who was trying to come to terms with her brothers murder. This family just creeped me out.


3) Polly and Jason’s relationship.

Now this will sound a bit like the logic reasoning questions you get in aptitude tests but hear me out. So Betty’s sister Polly and Cheryl’s brother Jason were in a relationship right? Polly is Betty’s elder sister, while Jason was Cheryl’s twin. Cheryl is Betty’s classmate. So was Polly dating a junior? Or is Cheryl older than everybody else in her class? This could be continuity error by the writers but someone please explain this to me because this has been eating me up.


4) What the heck is a “Student Lounge”?

Is it a Riverdale thing? I have never heard of schools having a student lounge. A lounge that serves coffee and snacks? When were the students using it? Was it a free period or were they cutting class? I know if my school has a lounge I would never be in class. Do schools in the US have lounges? Explain please.


5) Every single “Adult” in Riverdale.

Not one of the adults in Riverdale i.e the parents gave me the impression of being responsible for their children. Sure they would say they want to protect them and all but that was just it . None actually worked on it and it basically gave their children a free ride. Archie’s dad seemed to be the only one to have his act together and at least try to take care of his son. Hal and Alice Cooper were only interested in taking down the Blossom’s in their newspaper to the extent where they would use the kids of the town to do their dirty work. These kids are between the ages of 16 to 18 by the way. Hermione Lodge is interested in the families “reputation” and mostly her own that she would even go behind her daughters back to get what she wants. Jughead’s dad is just a mess, but he does look after his son in ways he could, so a point to him for that. I have already covered the Blossom’s in point 2. What about Sheriff Keller? A bunch of kids solved a murder mystery faster than he did. Mayor McCoy also works for her own interests rather than her daughter.


6) Dark Betty.

What even happened? I came to the conclusion that Betty suffers from some sort of multiple personality disorder and I hope they pick it up in the next season. Because I really need to know what is wrong with her, There are many instances in the show they lead me to think Betty suffers from mental health problems.


7) Archie and his many love interests.

We all know Archie is some kind of womanizer in the comics and in the show we are shown him with three different women. First we had his affair with Ms. Grundy which was sick, then his relationship with Valerie and then with Veronica. All of this took place in 13 episodes. Also, I did pick up a few hints of feelings towards Cheryl.



All I can ask is WHYYY??? Why him?? Couldn’t they end it on a happy note? Is Riverdale not innocent anymore? Are all my beloved characters going to end up murdered?

All this being said, I enjoyed watching the show. Every episode proved that I didn’t know a character even when I thought it couldn’t get more complicated. Cannot wait for Season Two. Till then maybe I can re-watch some old episode again and again because I have found my new obsession.

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Jacques says:

    Great to see a post about Riverdale! I’d never read the comics, but I started watching on Netflix, and I loved it!!
    Can totally see your point about the ages of the twins and Polly etc – I never clicked whilst watching it.
    Can’t wait to see what kicks off in the next series though 🙂

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      I cannot wait for the next season. The trailer looks like Riverdale is going dark and I need to know what happens. This wait is killing me 😣

      1. Laura Jacques says:

        I havent seen the trailer yet 😒 ill look it up now!! Me too I cant wait to see where they go with it 😀

      2. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

        Watch it. By the look of it a lot seems to happen

  2. RealNess says:

    I was late to watching this show but OMG loved it! I was surprised how short Grundy stayed on the show I was expecting a bit more. Yeah I know I was surprised who done it at the end like wth! But the final scene now that was saddening. Cant wait for the new season!

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      Yes! I guess the second season starts soon.

      1. RealNess says:

        Think this month!

  3. OMG!! I watched this show back in June sometime so I was a little late to the party but so… many people kept raving about it and I just needed to know what they were talking about. So I took to Netflix and started watching it and was definitely hooked by the second or third episode. I really can’t wait to find out what happens in the second season, it left me on the worst cliffhanger EVER!! I think it comes out in the next couple of weeks? I’m not too sure. I have learnt a lot about each character but to me there is still so much I want to know, like you said about Betty I would love to know more about her story.

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      Glad you liked it x
      The next season airs next week.

      1. Yes!! I’m sooo exited 😄xx

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