When NO means NO

Why is it so hard for some men to understand the word “NO”? Why is it so hard for some men to understand the term “personal space”? Why is it so hard for some men to understand that women are much more than mere play things? And the most surprising thing is that most of these men come from good families and educated backgrounds.

We are not objects for you to play with. Our emotions are not for your pleasure. Our body is not yours to lust after.

The concept  of “consent” does not exist to these men. If a woman is not interested in you then let her be and move on. When a woman says no, trust me, she isn’t playing hard to get. NO means NO. And when a woman says no; flirting, hugging, touching and kissing is all off the table! We do not care if you are interested in us, we are not interested in you. And if you ignore the above and still go on ahead, the woman you are interested in will just hate you more and more. Keep your arms and face and body to yourself.

Understand that not all girls are the same. Maybe one girl will not mind you hugging her, maybe she is a hugger. But that doesn’t mean that the next girl you meet is just like her. She may be more reserved. She may be more conservative.

Understand that some women do not like being touched and kissed. Understand that if a girl is in a relationship it means she is really not interested in you. No, you have no right to comment on her boyfriend. No, you have no right to try to “steal her away”. No, you have no right to keep questioning her about her life. Respect her privacy and her life. She will really appreciate it.

When a girl you see does not show the slight interest in you then stop. Just stop and move on to other girls. And if the girl knows who you are, if she knows your character, if she knows how soon you pass from girl to girl then really stop. Because you have no chance with her. Her no means no.

It really surprised me when I was told that I should be happy that guys show interest in me. That girls enjoy the attention. That girls like being flirted with. That it is boys being romantic. Are you serious?? I understand, it is natural. Obviously men will be interested in women. But when a woman says no, her no means no.

“Consent” is a really strong word. Respect her.


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