Why read?

I was introduced to reading at very young age. I remember we had this set of hardback children’s books that my mother would read to my brother and I. Because my mother loved to read we always had a neverending supply of books in the house. Other children grew up with toys around them, I grew up surrounded with encyclopedias, dictionaries and novels.
I guess, because I was introduced to reading at such a young age the habit has sort of developed with me as I grew. The very first novel that I read on my own was Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. I do not remember which book of the series it was, but I remember borrowing it from a classmate of mine and spending the rest of the day engrossed in that book. My interest slowly grew from short stories to entire book series and by the time I was 12 I had the entire Nancy Drew, Famous Five and Secret Seven books to my name. As the years went by I transitioned from children’s books to full on huge adult novels. And not even once have I been tempted to put the books down for other interests. Bookshops and libraries are my aesthetic. I am at peace there. 

Reading opens up your mind to accept something new and exciting. Reading helps you grasp the language better. Reading teaches you about new things and brand new places.  It takes you on a whole new adventure just in your living rooms. It makes your mind wonder and think about things that have been.  Reading can be therapeutic and has always been my way to escape this world. It helps your memory, and makes you creative in thinking. 

And not just stories or poetry, reading the newspapers or blog posts or a magazine; everything teaches you, about our bodies, about our world and our universe. 

It really saddens me when I walk past an empty bookstore or when my younger cousins would rather play on their smartphones than pick up a book and read. Sometimes I feel my generation was the last who actually grew up without technology as a distraction. Library periods were a joy, books as return gifts were always welcome. We need to start making kids read again because they are really missing out on an important part of life when they do not. 


3 thoughts on “Why read?

  1. Great post! We definitely grew up in very similar household settings. My mother always said “A child who learns to read joyfully at home, at an early age, with a loving parent or caregiver, grows in self-confidence and independence.”

    That’s surely been the case!

    I’ve naturally developed reading twice a day to my 12 month old as reading promotes greater maturity, increases discipline and lays the basis for moral literacy. It sparks curiosity about people, places and things and also satisfies the child’s curiosity by providing explanations of how things work.

    All that reading definitely played a part in me becoming and secondary teacher. 😊

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