Books vs Ebooks : What I would choose and why??

When it comes to reading I have always preferred actual physical books over ebooks. But the question of which is better doesn’t occur to me much as both have proved to be good reading tools. It just depends on the time and situation.

When I was growing up we didn’t have ebooks yet. It was during the early 2000’s and computers were only used for work. We didn’t have smartphones or tablets so ebooks didn’t really exist. If you wanted to read a book you had to go to a book store and physically browse through the isles. Now, with the rate at which technology has advanced ebooks have been the more sort after tool for reading. Almost everybody has a kindle or a tab or a smartphone. The entire process of going to a bookstore has been reduced to browsing websites and downloading the book you want.

I remember I dragged a friend of mine to a store to browse for books once and she couldn’t believe that I still go out to buy my books instead of ordering them online or downloading them. I had never read an ebook until I got a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child from a friend. That was when I realized that ebooks aren’t that bad. I still do not own a kindle, but I plan on purchasing one in the future.

So what do I prefer? Well, both have their pros and cons. Books will always be my favorite. I love visiting bookstores and the smell of fresh ink is heavenly, but books need space. A lot of space. Considering the size of modern day apartments that a millennial can afford, bookshelves and bookcases aren’t really first on the list when it comes to furniture. If you plan to buy only books, be prepared to designate an entire wall only for a bookcase. And it can be considered a waste of space since we cannot really afford the luxury. In my case, we ran out of storage space a long time ago and there are books everywhere!! Books are also made out of paper. Paper comes from trees and in the situation we are in right now globally we need those trees for oxygen. Books are also degradable. A small infestation of fungus and woodworm and you can kiss your lovely collection goodbye. Traveling with books can be tricky too. If you plan on carrying only one then it is fine, but carrying two or three can really increase the weight of your bag.

Coming to Ebooks now, I never liked them because it is digital. The feel of the paper in your hand. The smell of the ink. All of these contribute to the entire process for me. Also, I feel since we spend all our time looking into computer and smartphone screens, looking into another screen to read a book won’t give our eyes rest. But Ebooks can easily be stored. You can have hundreds of books stored digitally and it will not take up any room. If you run out of space, you can delete a book you have already read or that you do not need anymore. Unlike real books where it is quite difficult to get rid of books you do not need. To get into reading ebooks I would recommend investing in a proper reader and not to try and read it out from your smartphone screen. It will just hurt the eyes more. Sure, the initial expense may be on the higher side but later on it does fall cheaper.

Seeing a pile of books tossed to a side once done gives me a sense of accomplishment. Looking for the thickest book in the collection is much easier in a traditional book than in an ebook. I can show off what I am reading when I use a traditional book whereas I cannot do the same with an ebook.




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  1. Kate says:

    I like both. You’re right that it’s super easy to store books digitally bUT I STILL HAVE A PROBLEM DELETING THEM??? Like I see this old series that I finished reading years ago on my Kindle app and I’d think, “Hmm… I might want to read it again” even if I’m alREADY DROWNING IN MY TBR. Or go the lazy route and reason out that it’s tiring to go to Amazon and send it to my device even if it’s just a few freakin clicks away.
    *sigh* Sorry for that bookish outburst. But yes! Still love both books and ebooks. 😄

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      I know right! It is the same with me and the books I have at home. I keep saying I will donate them and make room for new books but that never happens!! I keep thinking that someday in the future I will read it again and put it back. I am in desperate need of shelving space

      1. Kate says:

        I know! This is certainly a problem 😄

  2. yorengmama says:

    Definitely agree with you here.

    I can lose myself more readily in a well-written book when it’s spread open in front of me, as opposed to when it’s on either one of my tablets and I’m scrolling rather than turning physical pages. I love the smell and weight and feel of a book. 😊

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      I cannot concentrate when I read on a digital surface. I get distracted really easily

      1. yorengmama says:

        Not to mention the multiple notifications that pop-up.

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