Emerald City (Part 1)



I love anything fantasy. I love anything that takes something from the past and changes it to suit a modern, edgier audience. NBC’s Emerald City did just that. Playing on the nostalgia that it brings from The Wizard of Oz, Emerald City brought back the childhood feelings for the plot along with the more mature setting. It was marketed as the “Game of Thrones meets Wizard of Oz” and the season one trailer was so happening. The serious story-line, the new characters, a deeper look into the grand Wizard. It got me excited and involved in prophecies and kept me wondering what would happen next.


There are certain stories that I feel deserve a next season and there are those that don’t. And just because a good show didn’t get the expected ratings or viewership that the producers wanted, it gets taken off air. I understand this, I completely do. At the end it all comes down to business and what makes more money. But what about the fans? I enjoyed the show and was shocked when it wasn’t renewed. I need closure. The worst thing about shows these days is that they always end on a cliffhanger. This keeps the audience wondering and waiting. But what about when the show isn’t renewed?

Dorothy Gale

We meet 20 year old Dorothy Gale, a nurse from Kansas who is swept into Oz along with Toto, a police dog in a Tornado. I love how strong they portray both Dorothy and Toto. She is no longer the “damsel in distress” who needs someone to accompany her to the Wizard.  She is the perfect modern day female hero. She is tough, she is smart and she can easily handle her own problems.


Every character is given a modern day twist. The scarecrow isn’t a real scarecrow, in fact he is a real man who Dorothy rescues after finding him “crucified” in a field. Instead of not having a brain, our Lucas has lost his memory.


Jack is our Tinman. Following a tragic accident he is patched up by a genius (Frankenstein-ish) doctor and is turned into a human-machine with mechanical parts that help him live, including a mechanical heart.


Our “Lion”. I was most excited about him by what I saw in the trailer but was disappointed. Eammon is a part of the Wizards guard who wears a lion shaped helmet/ mask. After surrendering himself to the witches he is exiled from the city to roam in the form the beast. Not sure where the “courage” part comes in.

The Wizard of Oz

The great man himself. The Wizard is a man of science who is firmly against magic because he is afraid of it. Unlike the earlier movie, the Wizard here is not a kindhearted man and does not want to return to Kansas. He rules Oz because people fear him.


The Witch of the South, Glinda is one of the wizard’s “counselors”  and supposed to be ally. She is the eldest of the witches and not really a good person.


The “Wicked” witch of the West. My favourite character in the whole series! We see the vulnerable, I’m-trying-to-be-good side of her. She isn’t the scary green-faced witch who I was terrified off as a kid. I feel her character has the most depth when compared to those of the other witches.



The witch of the East who “accidentally” shoots herself in the head with a gun after Dorothy tricks her. She isn’t a staring character but we see her (soul?) creepily stalking Dorothy and in flashbacks.


The writers of the show reinvented beloved characters for a modern day drama. I have so many unanswered questions which I will be posting in the next post because I just realized this is going too long. Can we start a petition to get the series picked up? I hope somebody does because this show was epic.

You can read part 2 here Emerald City (Part 2)


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