Once Upon A Time: Why the magic faded for me



Anybody who knows me will know by now what an ardent Disney fan I am. Fairytales and happy endings are my go-to genre whenever I am down and Disney has a way of getting my mood back up.

It was a few years ago, when I came across a trailer of Once Upon a Time online. Fairytales set in modern day? I started watching and soon enough I was hooked (pun intended). I loved the series. I obsessed over it. I introduced friends to it and we would spend time discussing theories and plot holes. I couldn’t wait for the next season as the plot grew.

And then came season 6…

To me it just fell apart. You know that friend who stays way too long and refuses to go home? Unfortunately, Once Upon a Time  became just that. I feel the series has run its course and the writers are producing more episodes just for the sake of it. Considering main cast members such as Jeniffer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas have all left the show after Season 6 it should have ended there. I loved this show and I feel sad that the love that I had has gone.

The Dark One


Every good story needs a good villain right? Right from season 1, The Dark One has been portrayed as the main villain. Played by the great actor Robert Carlyle, I instantly loved him. Then in season 4/5 the Dark One changed. While I love Emma Swan’s character, she didn’t do the role justice. I found her boring and Storybrook needed a proper villain. My interest in the show began diminishing but I still watched, in hope that it will get better.

The Land of Untold Stories


In season 6 our heroes find themselves in the Land of Untold Stories. Introducing Jekyll and Hyde. One of my favorite stories as a kid, it wasn’t a very interesting storyline in the show.  It was too much. Nothing made sense anymore.

Return of the Evil Queen

I loved the Evil Queen when she was part Regina. And I loved Regina when she was part evil queen. Separating the two made one really bad and the other too good. I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of Regina being all good and no evil. The Evil Queen has some conscience when she was part Regina.



I loved this pairing in the beginning. When Rumple played the part of the Beast in the Beauty and the Beast story. But then it got bad. To me the relationship got a bit abusive and I was glad Belle left him. Rumple said he “loved” Belle but yet he couldn’t give up being the Dark One when she asked him too. The same reason cost him his son and now it cost him his wife. She made it quiet clear she didn’t want to be with him so why spend the rest of the season making this real bad guy chase after a girl? It ruined the character for me.

Wicked Witch of the East


Rebbeca Mader did an amazing role as Zelena. But after a while her character got cranky. She want’s to feel love and feel welcome. But she still wants to be the center of attention and wants people to listen to her. Hers and Regina’s relationship as sisters got irritating after a while.

The Never-Ending storylines

The entire purpose of the show was for the people of Storybrooke to have a happy ending. But it just went on and on. The story never stopped. And the end was long overdue. I got fedup waiting and that got me off the show. From waiting for each episode I went to not minding if I missed one.

It went downhill for me. I saw the trailer for the next season where they have “rebooted” the story a bit. I guess to incorporate many of the main casts absence in the season. As much as I found it interesting, I don’t think I will get into it again. For me Once Upon a Time ended after season 5.







5 Comments Add yours

  1. julies0fie says:

    Loved this post! I felt the same way…totally loved it at the beginning and then kinda just forgot about it as it went on and on. Such a shame!

  2. Same here! I got excited about Emma becoming the Dark One. Something different but like you said, she just didn’t bring the Dark One like I hoped and after that the show just faded into the list of unwatched shows I started but never finished.

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      Yes! I got so hyped and then so disappointed. I left it as it is now

  3. I am a huge fan of Once Upon A Time and totally see where you are getting at since it can be quite repetitive too. LOVED your ‘Hooked’ pun by the way. xx

    1. Zenobia-Kapadia says:

      Thank you! xx

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