She moved silently and as quietly as she could as she ran down the streets towards the railway station. Why was she late? She could have sworn that she woke up on time. The streets were isolated. There was no living thing in site except for the lone street dog scavenging for its next meal.

Why was she late? There couldn’t have been a more inconvenient time to have to travel on her own. It was too early for her. The sun hadn’t risen and none of the birds were awake yet. Morning shift is great, as long as you have someone to travel with. The train would leave in a fifteen minutes and she better be at the station when it does. The foggy darkness loomed around her and she couldn’t wait to reach the safety of the railway station.

She pulled her hoodie tightly around her, desperately trying to hide her feminine body underneath. Darkness is no woman’s best friend. Darkness is where the wolves hide waiting for their prey and she felt like a sheep wandering through. Fear made her quicken her step. But with each step closer her fear faded.

By now it had gotten a little brighter. Its funny how within a few minutes the sky can change hues. Move from a black to a faint greyish blue. How within a few minutes from being surrounded by complete isolation you enter civilization as the dawn approaches. How within a few minutes her fear melted away along with the blackness of the night.  The empty lanes were now filling up with people. People just like her heading off to work on that winters morning.

She could hear the faint call of the vendors as they opened up their shops. School buses zoomed past her along with the cabs and rikshaws. Birds flew over her head. Dogs barked in the distance. Dawn had brought life with it.

She had reached her platform just as soon as the train pulled into the station and so had her day begun.



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