She tossed and turned in her bed. Moving from side to side in a sad attempt to fall asleep.

It must be past midnight she thought to herself out loud. Through her bedroom curtain she could make out the faint image of the moon. The brilliant, beautiful orb shone down in full glory that night. She got up and walked to her window to open the curtains. Instantly her room was flooded in light.

Opening the window slightly, she stepped onto her balcony. The cold from the tiles crept up her legs and a chill wind blew around her. Pulling her blanket tightly around she sat on the chair that she kept.

It was beautiful.

Looking down she could make out the ever so slight figures of late night workers returning home from a hard day. She saw the party-goers all dressed up getting in a cab. Were they returning or leaving? She would never know. In the distance she could hear a lone dog howling at the moon. Gradually another joined in and then another. They sang their sad song in unison and then it stopped just as it had started. There was a light fog. She could see it around the lamppost in the garden. It cast an eerie glow around the light. The wind blew again. This time taking the clouds with it. She looked up and saw the night sky. The stars shone bright.

“This is beautiful” she thought. The peace and calm relaxed her. Maybe it wasn’t so bad being awake. Maybe she needed this to calm her down. She glanced at the clock. It was 1:30 in the morning. She had to get to sleep.

She climbed back into bed and within seconds she was asleep.



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