Book Review: The Hobbit – JRR Tolkein


This is the story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying thins altogether unexpected.

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkein is a fantastic tale of adventure and friendship. Written as a prequel to the Lord Of the Ring series, the book follows the story of one Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit who seems very comfortable in his easy life at the Shire. It takes us on a journey through MiddleEarth. With Goblins, Wizards, Trolls, Elves and Dragons the book is a fantasy favourite and has all the elements for a wonderful story. And yes, you can read this before or even after you read the LOTR series. It doesn’t make a difference. I read it before I read LOTR since I do not have the books but I know what is on my Christmas list this year.

A mere 389 pages the book is a light read as compared to the 1000+ paged novels I am used to reading yet it took me quite some time to finish the book. The Hobbit isn’t one of those books which you can read at a stretch. Not for me at least. I found myself stopping every ten pages to just go over what I read in my mind. An entertaining tale that you will find hard to put down.

Now coming to the story, the book begins at the Shire where we are introduced to Bilbo Baggins, a wealthy well mannered hobbit who enjoys blowing smoke rings from his pipe. Absolutely content with his routine life until Gandalf the Grey turns up at his doorstep with thirteen dwarves. The story then goes on to tell us about their journey to the Lonely Mountain where they face off with Smaug.

Lets us talk about my favourite characters now shall we?

  1. Bilbo Baggins – Cultured and well mannered, this hobbit enjoys his carefree life until he meets with Gandalf who takes him on an adventure he never forgets.
  2. Gandalf – Also known as Gandalf the Grey, he is the all powerful wizard who encourages Bilbo to go on an adventure with the dwarves to Lonely Mountain. My favourite character in the series, because who doesn’t like a great wizard?
  3. Thorin Oakenshield- Leader of the dwarf company that set out to take back the Lonely Mountain from Smaug. Serious about his work. Warms up to Bilbo by the time we reach the end of the story.

Now I know almost all of you have seen the Hollywood motion picture. So you may ask why should you read the book if you have already seen the movie. My answer to that is, you can never ever fully know and understand a story by just watching the movie. Read the book. Only then will you know how much they have added or left out. And that really irritates me. Why when you adapt a book into a movie, why do they leave so many things out or add so many things in? All for the sake of movie drama! Anyway, I loved the book and the movie too but I wouldn’t suggest people to quit reading the book just because they saw the movie.

The Hobbit is a perfect fantasy read. Good for anybody. Read it to your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Introduce them to the classic that is JRR Tolkien and join Bilbo on his fantastic adventure.



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