Book Review: Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer


Born on the same day on opposite ends of the earth. William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a rich New York Banker, the other, a poor polish immigrant. Their lives destined to cross in the fight for supreme  power.

Jeffrey Archer’s Kane and Abel follows the lives of William Kane and Abel Rosnovski (earlier know as Wladek Koskiewicz) right from their birth till their death. The book is set over a time period of sixty years, it takes us through both the World War’s and the Great Depression. Each chapter alternates between their stories. Its the story about two different men, born into completely different situations, and how their paths cross during their lifetime. It is a story about two ambitious men and their fight for supremacy.

Kane and Abel is not one of those books that you can rush though, you have to take your time and understand what the author has written. Jeffery Archer has written this novel in such a wonderful way that while reading we tend to feel with the characters. We laugh, cry, hate and love with the characters. This is a book that can capture the mind of the readers, I found it hard to take a break from this book. Even once I stopped reading, the story kept playing in my mind. It holds the interest of the reader right from the first page to the last. This truly is a masterpiece.

Kane and Abel is a classic. Jeffery Archer has discussed human emotions such as sheer determination, hatred, love, anger and ambition in the book. These are the emotions that we feel day to day and can easily relate to it.

The main characters that you shall meet are:
1) Abel Rosnovski : Formerly know as Wladek Koskiewicz, Abel is the son of a Polish Baron. Caught up during the First World War, he is sent to a labor camp in Siberia when he is just twelve years old. After escaping from the camp he then makes his way to America where he makes is fortune. He shares a mutual hatred with William Lowell Kane.

2) William Lowell Kane : William Kane is the son of a wealthy Boston banker. Since he was a child he was brought up to take over the bank from his father. He is determined to to prove himself in the banking field. He shares a mutual hatred with Abel Rosnovski.

Being a total of 550 pages, it is a long read, especially for those who have just started reading. The book ends in a surprising revelation that will play on your mind again and again. Though it may take you a long time to complete this book, its completely worth it. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.It is a must read.



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