Emerald City (Part 2)

SPOILER ALERT!! THIS POST WILL CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS SO BE WARNED I had originally started the previous post Emerald City to talk about what questions I had while watching the show. I then realized that the post would get a bit long so decided to write it in a two-part series. I loved the show and was … More Emerald City (Part 2)

Emerald City (Part 1)

PLEASE NOTE: MAY CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS FOR EMERALD CITY SEASON ONE. IF YOU DO PLAN ON WATCHING THEN BE CAUTIOUS. I love anything fantasy. I love anything that takes something from the past and changes it to suit a modern, edgier audience. NBC’s Emerald City did just that. Playing on the nostalgia that it brings … More Emerald City (Part 1)

Fall of Giants – Ken Follett (Part 1 of the Century Trilogy)

AN EPIC OF LOVE, HATRED, WAR AND REVOLUTION. Five families are brought together through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the struggle for votes for women. FALL OF GIANTS combines richly developed historical detail with fast-moving action and powerful emotion to deliver this absorbing narrative.  Fall of Giants is … More Fall of Giants – Ken Follett (Part 1 of the Century Trilogy)


After months of deliberation I have finally created my account on bloglovin. To be honest, I really do not know what or how to begin with this but here goes. I have seen quiet a few of my fellow bloggers on twitter promoting bloglovin and thought of giving it a try. And here I am … More Bloglovin


It must have been a little after one in the morning. The lights were out and she listened as everybody in her compartment were asleep. Traveling is hard and they had been traveling for almost the entire evening. She tried falling asleep but couldn’t. It was the first time she traveled out of her city … More Starlight

The Liebster Award

Hello everybody! How’s it going? Good? That is great to hear. I really do hope you are having wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you are. Today, after so long I have been nominated for a blogging award. For those of you who do not know, blogging awards are given by bloggers to other bloggers. These awards can … More The Liebster Award