It must have been a little after one in the morning. The lights were out and she listened as everybody in her compartment were asleep. Traveling is hard and they had been traveling for almost the entire evening. She tried falling asleep but couldn’t. It was the first time she traveled out of her city … More Starlight


She sat by her window looking out at the ongoing storm. The rain was beating down in sheets and would occasionally beat into her window whenever the wind changed. With a hot cup of coffee warming her hands and a book by her side she never felt alone. The smell of petrichor intermingled with coffee and … More Petrichor

The Journey Home

It was late in the evening. Her legs trembled under her as she felt the sudden weight of the days events on her shoulders. She was tired. Only a few more minutes and her train would be here. Her heart said that she would faint but her brain kept reminding her that she will be … More The Journey Home