Review Policy

Hi there!

Thank you so much for considering me to review your book. The Purple Orchid is my hobby and not full-time so I currently have very few openings for reviews. But please, let that not stop you from contacting me on my email or social media which you can find here.

  • Based in India, I currently accept digital formats such as epub, pdf or kindle formats. If you don’t mind spending on the postage contact me for my postal address. If you are based in India and want to send me your book contact me for my postal address. Please note, I will not pay for postage.
  • Working a full time job, I do not get as much time to work on my blog sometimes so a review will typically take a month to be posted. I will try my best to get it done sooner.
  • I will only accept books that interest me.
  • I post the 100% truth and if I do not like your book I will say so. There will not be any review for the books that I can’t get myself to complete.
  • My favorite genres are Historical Fiction, but I am open to other genres as well.
  • When emailing me, please include a little bio about yourself as well. I include an “about the author” paragraph in my posts and it will really reduce the time taken in googling about you.
  • I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads.  If you would like me to include a review on Amazon or other e-retail websites then let me know.