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#15 As the Crow flies – Jeffrey Archer

Charlie's progress from the teeming streets of Whitechapel to the elegance of Chelsea Terrace is only a few miles as the crow flies, but his actual journey takes him much longer. A story of love, ambition and revenge through the triumphs and disasters of the century.  I remember receiving this book as a birthday present… Continue reading #15 As the Crow flies – Jeffrey Archer


#8 The Prodigal Daughter

Florentyna Rosnoviski is a beautiful and ambitious young woman. Daughter of the 'Chicago Baron' she has the life that everybody dreams off. From a young child she dreams of only one become the President of America. Jeffery Archer's 'The Prodigal Daughter' is book 2 in the 'Kane and Abel' series. I have written a… Continue reading #8 The Prodigal Daughter


#3 Honor Among Thieves

In a bid to humiliate the United States of America, Iraqi president Saddam Hussein steals the Declaration of Independence. Follow the story of CIA agent Scott Bradley and Mossad agent Hannah Kopec in their mission to get the Declaration back before July 4th.  This is another great novel by Jeffrey Archer. The way he writes… Continue reading #3 Honor Among Thieves