Fall of Giants – Ken Follett (Part 1 of the Century Trilogy)

AN EPIC OF LOVE, HATRED, WAR AND REVOLUTION. Five families are brought together through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the struggle for votes for women. FALL OF GIANTS combines richly developed historical detail with fast-moving action and powerful emotion to deliver this absorbing narrative.  Fall of Giants is … More Fall of Giants – Ken Follett (Part 1 of the Century Trilogy)

World Without End – Ken Follett (Part 2 of the Kingsbridge Trilogy)

A war that lasts a hundred years. A plague that ravages a continent. A rivalry that could destroy everything. World Without End is a historical novel by Ken Follett set between the years 1327-1361, England. It is a sequel to his previous book “The Pillars of the Earth” and takes place in the same fictional … More World Without End – Ken Follett (Part 2 of the Kingsbridge Trilogy)

#11 Desert God

  On the banks of the Nile, a hero will rise.  A close advisor to Pharaoh and guardian to the royal princesses of Egypt, Taita wears his authority lightly. With a plan to destroy the enemy and form a coveted alliance, join him as he journeys across the desert and faces calamities that he never … More #11 Desert God

#9 River God

Taita, a slave in the house of Lord Intef watches Egypt fall into decadence and immorality. He and his proteges Lostris and Tanus try to restore Egypt to its former glory. When a weak Pharaoh allows Egypt to be crushed by an invasion, the Egyptians are forced to take a voyage down the Nile, into a land never … More #9 River God

# 6 Nefertiti

Wed to the Prince of Egypt at 15, Nefertiti lives only a life she could have dreamed off. But trouble brews when her husband breaks a thousand years of tradition in order to be remembered. When the nation is torn apart the princess must choose between family love and her power. And book number 6 … More # 6 Nefertiti

#7 The Heretic Queen

Princess Nefertari is the last surviving member of the Eighteenth Dynasty that ruled over Egypt.  Her relatives, the infamous Akhenaten and Nefertiti haunt her past and future. Faced with the anger and hatred of the people of Egypt she embarks on her new life as Queen of Egypt when she marries Ramesses II.  Will she … More #7 The Heretic Queen

# 5 Madame Tussaud

Paris 1788, Marie is a determined young woman  in love with her work. Caught during the french revolution Marie must decide who’s side she is on. How will she survive the revolution? How did she come to be known as the woman behind the most famous museums in the world? As I have stated earlier, … More # 5 Madame Tussaud