I blog because…

Blogging has always been my mode of escape from the real world. Whenever I feel hounded or disturbed over something I open up my laptop and type out my thoughts. Sometimes they may be my opinions of something I read online or in the newspapers, at other times I type out a review of the … More I blog because…

Urban poor?

I first came across the term “Urban Poor” in a Buzzfeed article online about a month or so ago. At first I related it to the homeless poor or those living in the urban slums that dot the city. Because they are the “urban poor” aren’t they? Not according to the article.  The article explained … More Urban poor?

The Journey Home

It was late in the evening. Her legs trembled under her as she felt the sudden weight of the days events on her shoulders. She was tired. Only a few more minutes and her train would be here. Her heart said that she would faint but her brain kept reminding her that she will be … More The Journey Home


Ever just looked at a place online or on the television and made up your mind to visit that place? I guess each and every single one of us has this inborn urge to travel from one place to another. Travelling, whether for work, health or leisure is one of the main interests of man. … More Wanderlust

What I have learnt from blogging – A 2 year anniversary post

Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress that I have been on the website for two years. Technically, I have been blogging for the past four years. I created my first blog in 2011 after my 10th grade. I had a five month long vacation and I needed to pass the time. I was good … More What I have learnt from blogging – A 2 year anniversary post